November 16, 2012

Music IS Language ~ Come HEAR for yourself!

Language has been around for millenniums, and it is more than
the sound produced by human vocal folds.
Language is communication in many forms. Some language has no sound.
Morse Code


body Language

Music is language, too.
Using rhythm, tempo, and volume music can express or evoke any emotion,
create pictures, convey stories,
 change moods, and stimulate imagination and creativity.

It's very simply accomplished, really.
This Saturday, November 17
the Muncie Symphony String Quartet
will give FREE interactive performance presentations
demonstrating how music is language.
You can catch us at the Maring-Hunt branch of the Muncie Public Library at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Then try your hand (or mouth) at musical language yourself.
After each presentation, string and wind instruments are 
available for you to make music-
or at least make sounds!  Music students from Ball State University will be there to 
help you coax as much from each instrument as you can.

Music on the Move's Music is Language is presented by Muncie Symphony Orchestra
in partnership with Ball State University School of Music as part of MSO's education and outreach initiatives.
We could not do this without generous support from these businesses:

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