November 15, 2011

Rattanovy Preview

You can preview pieces on the program of the November 19th Rattanovy concert by clicking the links in each movement of a piece or clicking on the link above the piece to listen to the album. The audio is on Spotify. You will need to register to hear the music.

Rattanovy Concert Series
Bohuslav Rattay, Conductor
Baby You Can Drive My Car
Benjamin Britten – Britten: String Quartets No. 3 / Simple Symphony

"Simple Symphony"                     Benjamin Britten        

"Beatles Concerto Grosso No.4"       Peter Breiner
 II. Michelle
III. Goodnight     

There is no audio for this piece

"A Little ‘Beatles’ Suite"                 arr. Jody Nagel  
1. When I'm 64                                   (2005)
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. Let it Be