April 24, 2012

An Imaginary Journey

Imagin. . . the music . . . taking you on an imaginary journey . . . . conjured up in your mind . . as you listen to the dynamic range of the golden flute of Mihoko Watanbe and the Muncie Symphony Orchestra perform the World Premier of a new composition by Jody Nagel .  .    .     .      .       .        .         .

"A Swashbuckling Adventure . . . From Days of Yore".

That is just what each student in the Metal Art studio of Professor Pat Nelson did.  The myths in each part of Jody Nagel's composition, Sea Voyage in Search of a Fairy Queen, The Enchanted Castle, The Dungeon and the Beast, The Hero's Three Impossible Deeds, and The Battle for Virtue and the Celebration Feast were the inspiration for the sheet metal artwork will be on display in the lobby of Emens Auditorium for the concert this Saturday.

Metal Art by students of Pat Nelson, Professor of Art, Ball State University

       imagine a fairy Queen

Metal Art by students of Pat Nelson 

                                                              imagine a hero warrior

Metal Art by students of Pat Nelson 

                          imagine a mermaid  on a sea voyage...........

Metal Art by students of Pat Nelson

imagine an archer in a battle for virtue....................

Metal Art by students of Pat Nelson Ball State University

           imagine a beast in the dungeon

Ball State students from Pat Nelsonʼs Metals class, were challenged to design and create a figure from sheet metal that represented some of the musical characters within the concerto. The figures are mounted and displayed with a “Pied Piper” created by Pat Nelson.

Dr. Jody Nagel
Cindee Cox, photographer

Susan Athertonʼs 4th grade music students from Storer Elementary, produced an artistic representation of the 3rd movement of Nagelʼs piece, creating a large paper diagram that illustrated the dynamic range and storyline of the music within the 3rd movement. Their artwork will be on display in the lobby of Emens Auditorium for the concert.

Dr. Nagel explains music of Part 3 from
"A Swashbuckling Adventure...From Days of Yore".

Muncie Symphony Orchestra
Season Finale Concert

A Swashbuckling Adventure

Bohuslav Rattay, conductor
Mihoko Watanabe, flute

A Swashbuckling Adventure...From Days of Yore
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in d minor op. 47

April 28, 2012
6:30 p.m. Pre-concert talk
7:30 p.m. Concert

Emens Auditorium, Ball State Universtiy

$18 - $30 for Adults
$5 for students and youth

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